It was a warm sunny afternoon in May when I visited this temple as part of our one-day tour of the popular spots in Bhubaneshwar. We had to remove our footwear before entering the temple premises. I limped around with my soles silently screaming in pain from stepping on the scalding hot stones while my eyes were glued to this majestic sight.

This arch is constructed on the porch of Mukteshvara Temple in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha. The temple made of red sandstone was built back in the 10th century dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.

What immediately drew me to this part of the temple was the presence of Buddhist monks gracefully seated cross-legged in a meditation pose. The image left a deep impression on my mind.

A Buddhist influence on a Hindu temple!

The fact that Buddhism and Hinduism coexisted peacefully and its impact was etched on the walls of a prominent religious shrine speaks volumes about the ruler and his politics. Both are powerful and widely practiced religions, with their specific set of customs and codes. This maybe far from the truth but I would like to believe that the people and their ruler accepted both with open arms, embracing the new knowledge and practicing what appealed to the individual. Today in a nation where some are fighting for preserving individual regional traditions I hope we do not cast away love for the country and remember the value of peaceful coexistence. While I respect the decision to fight for what one’s beliefs, I am not sure if it should come at the cost of disdain for one’s own country. Coexistence is the key.


Graceful – Weekly Photo Challenge from WordPress

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