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Trip to Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico

Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of Earth put forth the idea of a second world existing right underneath our feet. This world had glow birds, dinosaurs, hot springs, rocks floating in air – as a child I was spellbound … Continue reading

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Routines and an Old Favorite Dish

Every week after we pick up the grocery I sit down with my red sticky notepad to plan meals for the following week. Between providing a healthy balanced food for every meal and catering to the house inmate’s (the husband) … Continue reading

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Trip to Death Valley National Park

Birthdays are a completely different deal as one turns thirty. While I am still a few months shy of hitting the golden number, the husband is taking it quite hard as he is already on the other side. He says … Continue reading

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Perks of Being a Last Bench Student

For three years of college I was a committed backbench student. I will admit there was a certain amount of notoriety associated with it but it was a¬†perfect place to hide. Teachers seldom looked this far to throw chalk sticks … Continue reading

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Trip to Arches and Canyonlands National Park

Travel wears out the body, but the soul is always replenished with the new sights and sound. Before the temperatures dropped further down, a quick decision was made for a trip to Utah –¬†Arches National Park and its neighboring Canyonlands … Continue reading

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Farewell Oppa

While watching a popular K-drama over this past week, I sensed a different feeling. The heart beat was normal, butterflies in the stomach conspicuously absent, absolutely not one weak-in-the-knee moment in that one hour long episode – even when the … Continue reading

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Thursday Tiny Tales – 5

The light of the lamp flickers. A gust of cold wind blows in, rattling the dusty window panes only to escape into hidden realms of the dust laden curtains. Twice every year, before the Bengali Nabobarsha and Durga Pujo, they … Continue reading

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