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What’s in a name?

The union government of India recently passed a bill stating that henceforth the airports will be named after the cities they are built in. Quite a few of the country’s airports are currently named after national leaders namely Kolkata’s Netaji … Continue reading

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The Unsent Letter – 2

Dear A, Let me begin by wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year. Now that you have got me hook, line and sinker into this letter writing activity, I wish to thank you for being patient with this … Continue reading

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A Bookworm’s Teenage Idol

I hate to admit but I have truly fallen short on my reading habit. Growing up I spent most of my waking hours with my nose buried in a book. Every morning my mother chided me for bringing a book … Continue reading

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Heavy on Salt

“The dal was heavy on salt.”, he declared as soon as he walked in to the house. Back from office, he set down the grey and black backpack on the floor, proceeded to sit on the chair lined next to … Continue reading

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