About me

voracious Reader, aspiring Writer, Blogger, day Dreamer, born Traveler, instructional Designer

That’s me, Mukulika. I love reading and can read almost anywhere at any time of the day. Books charge my thoughts which has a big influence on my mood. So I never pass a chance on reading up new books. Wuthering Heights is my favorite book of all times. Needless to say I am a huge fan of the classic anti-hero image and am completely besotted with ‘Heathcliff’.

Growing up, I spent most of my time hanging around libraries and second hand book stores. My family has been supportive of my reading habit and it received regular encouragements in the form of Tintin, Aesop’s Fables, Tolstoy and Sholokhov, which were gifted to me as a child. You can safely assume that I am a book lover, ‘bibliophile’ as the dictionary describes it.

Despite my kinship with the written word, I am an outdoor person. As a child, I grew up in various towns across the country, but the times spent in Rourkela and Jamshedpur remain very close to my heart. Pursuit of a college education brought me the southern city of Chennai and I have lived with the city for eight years. I am outspoken about my love for the city which is my second home. The experience of living away from family made me a more confident, independent person. You can read about my Chennai tales here and here.

My next stop in India was the Silicon City of Bengaluru, but it turned out to be short lived as marriage and its ties have now brought me to the United States of America. This is my first trip to a foreign country and I am excited like a five year old with ice cream. I hope to document my stay and experiences here. You can read about them in my “Amreecan Diaries” posts blogged here.

Honestly, I don’t quite recall when I started writing. There were always the few short stories and essays I penned down as part of school assigned holiday homework, but nothing serious. On my brother’s suggestion I tried my hand at blogging  and have been a part of the blogosphere for about two years now. My first blog was called Mukulika Musings and you can visit it here.

If you like my blog, please do visit again. You can also subscribe to it and receive it in your inbox. Your comments and feedback are welcome and valued. Hope you enjoyed reading this!


3 Responses to About me

  1. debosmita says:

    Lovely blog. Looking forward to more.


  2. lovehappily says:

    It’s a pleasure to meet you. I can’t wait to read more of your posts.


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