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Perks of Being a Last Bench Student

For three years of college I was a committed backbench student. I will admit there was a certain amount of notoriety associated with it but it was a perfect place to hide. Teachers seldom looked this far to throw chalk sticks … Continue reading

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The Suitcase

The grey VIP suitcase had been a prized possession of the Sarkar household. Mohan Sarkar for the first time in his twenty two years he left the place where he grew up, studied. The company was a private consulting firm … Continue reading

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Aroma of fresh air, shiny glass windows of LIC building, autos, bikes moving with purpose on that busy Mount Road, washed clean by the late monsoon rain and us, waiting in that nondescript bus stop for 23C. Romanticizing about a … Continue reading

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Kitchen Duties

Married for two and half years, I have got a fair chance of learning and flaunting my cooking skills. Little did I know that I was entering a world where anyone and everyone sampling my prepared meals views it as … Continue reading

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Disagreeing with Mother

The hotheaded obstinate girl in a peaceful Bengali family – the character is a part of me that is going away soon. My husband found that out after we tied the knot. The image of the docile timid girl is probably … Continue reading

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The Unsent Letter – 2

Dear A, Let me begin by wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year. Now that you have got me hook, line and sinker into this letter writing activity, I wish to thank you for being patient with this … Continue reading

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Memories of My Second Home

Eight years ago, any mention of my imminent move to this city would bring out the similar reactions from people – they were mortified at my decision, dismissing the city as a land with the hot, humid climate, where Hindi … Continue reading

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