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Routines and an Old Favorite Dish

Every week after we pick up the grocery I sit down with my red sticky notepad to plan meals for the following week. Between providing a healthy balanced food for every meal and catering to the house inmate’s (the husband) … Continue reading

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Kitchen Duties

Married for two and half years, I have got a fair chance of learning and flaunting my cooking skills. Little did I know that I was entering a world where anyone and everyone sampling my prepared meals views it as … Continue reading

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An Amateur’s Experience in the Kitchen

Bengalis are known for their keen interest for everything gastronomic in nature. From an early childhood we are taught to appreciate food and its finer details. We enjoy our alu posto with biuli dal, khichuri with labra and beguni, kochuri … Continue reading

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Preparing Khichuri

My first day in the kitchen was a disaster. In my eagerness to appease my better half by cooking for him I asked Radha di, the kitchen help to take the day off.  I was confident that my years of … Continue reading

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5 Tips to Set Up a Bangali Rannaghor

Cooking was an unexplored territory, an unfamiliar subject for me for a very long time. Ma had tried to feed in some knowledge telling out aloud out the name of the phoron and masala as she served the dish, but I … Continue reading

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