Getting Smart

I was the last one in my family to move out of the family home. After Dada left for his graduate studies four years ago, I was left in charge of accompanying Baba to weekly trips to Sunday bazaar, fetching hot samosas from the shop on corner when the guests drop in unannounced, help Ma carry the coconut, flowers and mithai on her way back from Satyanarayana puja. To be honest I have never been one to complain but then there was the occasional reward of an extra gulab jamun or samosa. In my knowledge no one is capable of turning down such a lucrative offer. All roads to my heart lead through the stomach. A fact Ma was aware of very well.

It has been more than a decade since those days. Dada and I have completed our studies, taken up jobs, moved cities and countries, Baba and Ma have grown older and settled down in an apartment. Their daily routines have changed, the pace of life has slowed down with age and time taking charge. For us their health and security continues to be a matter of concern especially during the times we are unable to make that trip to home.

In the light of these events, we decided to go the smart way. Good health is a quality pursued not only by the young or affluent. From the next door six year old to my sixty year old Ma, everyone desires good health and works towards it. It can be as simple as consuming a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning. We are driven by numbers and to see our goals quantified gives a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Fitness bands are a wonderful option in this regard. They not only track basic details like steps walked, calories burnt but also vital information like heart rate. Smart watches are another option to consider in this regard. Once paired with other smart devices like mobile phone or smart TV, they can be used to receive phone calls, read messages – they can perform all of these functions in combination with the primary features of fitness tracker.

My father is an old school man. It took us one birthday gift to persuade him to try and test the merits of a smart watch. He loves that this gadget on his wrist is a time piece, can read his heart rate and tell him about the number of steps taken in the day. He no longer has to give an estimated figure to his doctor when posed with questions about his heath. He has the data available at hand. In, his case, the wrist. Now that is Smart Wearable!

I was a firm believer that security cameras are a thing for banks, corporate offices and malls. After all for housing security purposes there is always the guard on duty 24/7. The need to have a camera didn’t seem important. Until a stray incident which occurred at a nearby residential apartment. We chose not to rely on the decision making skills of the housing committee and after a careful research got a smart security camera installed for our parent’s apartment. With the device, folks can now see the people standing outside the door and can choose if they want to give them access or not. With in-built features like motion detectors, it proved to be useful feature notifying us each time someone approached the door. We installed the standard application for the security camera on our smart phones and could access a video feed of this information sitting far away in a different city!

My mother had the most marvelous experience of all people. From the milkman to the maid, now one can make false claims about knocking the door and leaving after getting no response. She is mighty proud to have proof and calls them out on their bluff. With the Google Home connected to all the smart devices at home, now all the information can accessed online and by a voice command. My mother loves it when she says, “OK Google! Play Hanuman Chalisa”. And the melodious voice of Anup Jalota fills the room, without Ma leaving the kitchen or getting up from the comforts of the bed. Talk about a Smart Home with a Smart Camera!

Technology has made long strides and it continues to evolve as we speak. There are a plethora of gadgets which go a long way to help us gather, analyse and store data. This data goes a long way in enabling us consumers to make a choice about our health, security and connections. One of the best websites that hosts a wide array of these smart devices is Flipkart. With competitive pricing option and robust customer satisfaction guarantee system in place, it offers the best solution to a consumer looking to go the Smart way. Lets make smart choices in life and #GetFitwithFlipkart and usher in the era of #SmartHomeRevolution

This post is written for the #GetFitwithFlipkart contest hosted by Indiblogger.

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