The Sweet Escape – A Rosogollar Payesh Recipe Post

Arizona is known for its blazing hot summers and abnormal high temperatures. Usually by the month of February we have our winter clothes packed off, with just light jackets proving enough to battle the cool spring air. But not this year. March will come to an end in another two days, here I am still bundled up in my sweatshirt and fleece pajamas. The other day, the UPS delivery guy looked at me disapprovingly about my choice of outfit. I cannot deal with low temperatures. I try to reduce my activity level, keeping movement to a minimum, working hard on preserving the tiny bit of body heat.

Last afternoon after cleaning out the kitchen, I sat down with my cup of green tea. Mindlessly scrolling through the Google Photos, my thumb stopped at the one from my last trip to India. Baba had brought hot jalebis and samosas while out on his daily morning walk. That morning my 30 minute yoga session ended much quickly. The sight of saffron colored jalebis and aroma of fried samosas are powerful means of persuasion. My fitness motivation staggered and crumbled as I quickly finished the remaining of the routine and ran towards the breakfast table.

While I continued to reminisce over that glorious breakfast of the year past, my taste buds in a spellbound state craved for the familiar cardamom laced saccharine drug. Since there is no mithai store at the nukkad in Arizona, I was pushed to take matters into my own hands. Hunger can be a compelling motivator. It also lead me to prepare one of the most loved desserts in my kitchen.

Rosogollar Payesh/Baked Rosogolla

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