Trip to Zion National Park, Utah

A trip to Zion has featured for a long time in our place to visit list in USA. Two years ago while planning for a trip over the Labor Day weekend, we decided to visit Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. While the trip to the former was roaring success but the latter was a failure from the beginning. We made two attempts on different days.  Each time we drove through the entire length of the park failing to score any parking spot. It was a huge disappointment and for a long time I could not talk about Zion without saying a silent prayer.


Zion National Park is one the most iconic parks in Utah. It is famed for tall red cliffs along which flows the Virgin river. Some of the most famous trails include Angel’s Landing and the Narrows. Since neither of us really have a stomach for heights, the former was out-rightly rejected. For a hike through the Narrows, one literally wades into the river to make their way through the canyon. Since we didn’t come prepared with water resistant footwear, clothing and walking sticks, we had to give it miss.

Virgin River

Virgin River, Zion National Park

The weather channel had forecast clouds with spot of rain. We were fortunate enough to be blessed with cloudy grey sky with zero sign of showers. The mountain smelled of cold wet leaves, fresh clean air. I greedily took in long deep breaths, acting in an utterly shameless manner. But who can blame a city dweller like me? A nature retreat is rewarding in so many ways. Its an act of cleansing the holy trinity of body, mind and soul. Also it is a good idea to not fret about the loss of network on your mobile device, as reminded by my better half in the many moments I was tempted to share the photographs on Instagram or post an update on Facebook.

Checkerboard Mountain at Zion National Park

Checkerboard Mountain, Zion National Park

The Narrows Trail

The Narrows, Zion National Park

Overlook scene of

Zion Valley

Zion Lodge

Zion Lodge

Zion National Park Visitor Center

Zion National Park Visitor Center


Playful squirrel spotted on the Temple of Sinhawava Trail

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