Perks of Being a Last Bench Student

For three years of college I was a committed backbench student. I will admit there was a certain amount of notoriety associated with it but it was a perfect place to hide. Teachers seldom looked this far to throw chalk sticks or questions based on their mood. Also it gave me ample opportunity to finish reading the books nearing due date at the library.

Now I never said I was not a reader or a good student. Just someone who preferred to stay out of limelight(read teacher’s gaze). Being massively introverted I was happy existing at the fringes. It also kept me safe from the awkwardness resulting from striking a conversation or making eye contact.

The shrill loud bell announced the end of the lecture. While the teacher gave out last minute instructions about the upcoming tests, students couldn’t have looked any more disinterested. Few were tucking in their books, bringing out their mobile phones –  checking for missed calls and replying to messages. While the class representative and her faithful posse did an amazing job at appearing attentive while hurriedly taking notes. They were definitely scoring brownie points for “attentiveness in class” in the teacher’s report card.

Nobody noticed the girl on the last bench smiling down at a copy of Rebecca. Her eyes savored the words of Daphne du Maurier as she painted the eerie Gothic scene of Mandalay. If she were the one giving out points, my report card would certainly have some colorful remarks.

This post was written as part of the Daily Prompts challenge by WordPress. 

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