Farewell Oppa

While watching a popular K-drama over this past week, I sensed a different feeling. The heart beat was normal, butterflies in the stomach conspicuously absent, absolutely not one weak-in-the-knee moment in that one hour long episode – even when the K-drama heart throb Min Ho walked in looking like the oppa of my teenage dreams.

Allow me to reminisce about the intense passion I share for K-drama. When people rave about Friends or Breaking Bad, I could go on hours talking about Boys Over Flowers and Faith. They offered me a glimpse into a universe vastly different from the one I lived in, people I knew, food I ate. On a dark day at work, a one hour episode gave me hope and happiness. Back in college I was introduced to a few K-drama enthusiasts and that only led to discovering and discussing new dramas. There were countless times when we didn’t realize when hands of the clock turned and night became morning. The only regret at this point was the agonizing wait until evening when we could resume our K-drama binge.

It slowly dawned upon me, I was finally over oppas and kimchi.

For an ardent K-drama fan the realization brought on pain and tears. It was bidding farewell to my decade long love as I had outgrown my teenage passion.

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