Female Friendship in Indian Cinema

Women friendship as a central theme has been barely seen in the silver screen. Before Aisha, Angry Indian Goddesses and Parched happened, when was the last time Bollywood actually depicted women and their relationship in the centerfold? I sat thinking but failed to come up with a convincing response. Does Bollywood celebrate female friendship enough? Women can drive a motorized vehicle as well as any man, so why are there not any roadtrip movies about women?

In Dil Chahta Hai the boys from Bombay went on a roadtrip to Goa. They celebrated bro-hood, rode bikes, sang songs, played beach volleyball, went fishing, and not to forget poor Saif’s character who get conned by his girlfriend. In Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara the roadtrip went international and the boys drove down the country roads of Spain. Here also bro-hood is in full display.  We have a Jai and Veeru (Sholay), Vijay and Ravi (Dostana), Sameer and Kunal (Dostana), but not anything to showcase the female bond. Is it because women are too jealous of each other to remain friends? Why do I feel that this concept was the invention of a male mind bent on stereotyping the behavior rather than understand its method of function.

Contrary to the prevalent popular belief girl talk is much more than exchange of juicy bits of neighborhood news. It is a highly functional emotional support system in those moments of life when the family fails to understand. That manager who turned down your request for leave, the case of the missing help after Diwali celebrations, the cute intern in HR department, the creepy man who stood too close behind you in the MTC bus, the PG lady who insists on behaving like Mrs. Havisham – all these stories would go untold and would have undone our minds if not for our reliable friend.

Now that Bollywood has just started acknowledging women as independent assertive righteous beings who are fine with being just friends with men and don’t quite enjoy gossip as much as they would like believe, isn’t it about time we get our own Thelma and Louise?

Edit: This post was selected by BlogAdda for their Tangy Tuesday 20 December 2016 edition.


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