My Outer Layer


The place where I come from is known for its hot humid climate. Its situated in the south western coast of India. The temperatures reach a high of 42°C during the summers. Cotton – the fabric that allows the skin to breathe even in extreme temperatures is my choice of material. So even when I covered in a layer of perspiration, a warm breeze will cool the sweat, the bus stand will transform into an cool covered shelter for that second. The illusion of pleasure is good while it lasts.

Relaxed. But reserved. That’s how I would describe my personal style. My mind refuses to work in order if I am not dressed comfortably. On a regular day, my uniform is a pair of loose harem pants and a cotton blouse. But there are the special days. As a country which has its roots in the ancient culture and beliefs, we continue to believe in co-existence and celebrate all religious festivities with equal enthusiasm. I also take pride in wearing the saree. It is a seven yard piece of clothing that is draped across the body over a cotton crop top. Young girls are encouraged to wear the saree during religious and cultural festivals. And we have so many of them in India! As a garment the saree appears intimidating, but once draped it is a picture of grace and poise. It is worn by women across the country from all economic sections.

I grew up seeing my mother, grandmother, the next door auntie, teachers at school draped in this wonderful garment. This has been their preferred choice of dress for decades and so it is mine. I have become one of them. I belong.

Outer Layers – Daily Prompt by WordPress

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