Battling Writer’s Block – The Known and Unknown

I have been facing a severe case of writer’s block. The thorough nervousness of this block has rendered me incapable of handling any idea more than ten minutes. The interest fizzles out sooner than I can further contemplate on the plot. So here I am trying to type down as quickly as my fingers allow me.

The condition struck not long after I moved to my current place of residence, a country seven seas and thousand miles away from home. There was a 11280 degrees of change to my world. The dense mist of loneliness enveloped the mind, heart and eyes. The fingers keep scrolling down the Facebook news feed, looking at the colorful happy lives of friends and family back at home. The bug of non-existent of social life fed hungrily at the memories which seemed like a lifetime ago. All this happens while I am struggling to make new ones. They threaten to unravel and fly away in the storm brought on by the restlessness that wont lie still.

Back in my amateur blogging days, I could write until the clock read 3am and wake up at 7am for work. There was a fierce urge to write down the thoughts fighting for space in the mind. Blogging was the perfect outlet those multitude musings. But now I have about ten posts waiting in queue in the drafts folder for my attention.

In my quest for inspiration I found the tips from John Steinbeck quite useful. In fact I followed his second tip to the T. Linking the article here for anyone who might want to read it. Maybe there is still hope for the writer in me.

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