Seen at State Route 87

A famous person once remarked that the journey matters more than the destination. I found myself thinking about it over our recent drive to Payson. The weather forecasts for the weekend promised good conditions. So we made plans for visiting the Tonto National Forest passing through Payson, a town also known as the heart of Arizona because of its geographical location. This national forest is famed for its diverse scenery ranging from cactus studded desert to tall mountains with pine forestation. We were looking forward to day of hiking and exploring the forest and then head back home before the evening hours.

Next morning it rained. Heavily. I was having second thoughts now and was expressing my doubts to the husband. He seemed to think otherwise and suggested we drive off and hope for the weather to improve. Here I must mention that TH is quite fond of driving. He is happy to have his hands on the steering and feet on the gas pedal. Rains were not going to dampen his desire to drive and he seemed keen on it too. So though I was not very convinced and had reservations against this lets-drive-along plan, I gave my halfhearted consent.

The air outside was cold, the aroma of petrichor in the air. Wet dark roads, glistening leaves and grass looking fresh from the morning shower – the weather was perfect to snuggle back into the bed with a cup of hot chocolate. But there I was seated in the car driving towards State Route 87.

A. Galli - As we started from home

B. Heavy downpour - on the way to highway

H. Caution

F. Solitary roads, spotted few cars

I3. Spotted many riders on Harley Davidson - its the Hero Honda of USA

My regret did not last for long and I sat there soaking in the sights, dazzled at the spectacular beauty of nature.

I. Dark clouds giving way to clear skies

I4. Road plunging down

I9. No caption

M3.  Long roads, long range of hills



After we reached Payson the internet speed dropped down. The network connection was feeble and soon after the Google Maps application stopped working. There was zero network. For travelers like us Google Maps is like Moses, taking us to the promised land (read destination). Reluctantly we decided to head back home after having breakfast.

R. Tall and long range of hills

T. Meandering Roads

Z. Entering back into the city (Mesa)

We later discovered that Payson has 2G mobile connections only. The husband found a way to save the routes which can be accessed in the offline mode. Seems like another plan of a drive to me!

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