Preparing Khichuri

My first day in the kitchen was a disaster. In my eagerness to appease my better half by cooking for him I asked Radha di, the kitchen help to take the day off.  I was confident that my years of observing Ma in the kitchen will help me in make khichuri. It is a popular dish made with rice and lentils, usually served with a topping of ghee.

Rice and lentil went into the cooker; I added a couple of cups of water and then a few more cups as an afterthought. Placing the cooker on the stove to cook, I left feeling proud of myself at having handled this preparation smoothly without a glitch. I was already thinking about the wonderful words AD would say.

Thud! My day dreaming ended right there with that sound. Heart in mouth, I gingerly stepped into the kitchen. An upturned cooker and its spilled contents greeted me. The kitchen wall was dotted with half-cooked khichuri which dripped down tracing a straight line taking down my plans.



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2 Responses to Preparing Khichuri

  1. Bipasha says:

    Oops! At least you weren’t hurt 😊


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