Remembering Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar, the man who sang his way into the hearts of millions of Indians across two decades was born on this day, 4 August 1929. A man of multiple talents, he was primarily renowned for his singing talent. His melodious voice singing the romantic lyrics is enough for you fall prey to the charms of the unseen hero. I call him unseen because I was introduced to old Hindi music though Vividh Bharati, our national radio station, which was on air all through the day and night until the news bulletin scheduled at 11pm was read out. The radio station functioned like a musical clock, the programs on air telling us about the hours and minutes of the day. One never missed the television or internet!

2015. These days I listen to local radio channels on my mobile phone at almost all times. But the magic is missing. I am easily distracted by the noise of the traffic, chatter of the lady seated next to me, the phone beeping continuously of the incoming messages. Add to that the maddening morning traffic jam of Bangalore; one is filled with impatience and anxiety, holding hard to the last thread of sanity. “Chookar mere man ko kia tune kia ishara…” – His voice crooning these words softly and you just close your eyes, smile, going back to that favorite corner of your memory rediscovering your self. The effect of the song is magical. Maybe its the voice with the power to charm, entertain and heal. Happy birthday Kishore da!

Listing below are some of his famous songs with these magical powers. Listen and enjoy!

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